A Note from the Director on 2012

_MG_9958Its that time of the year again when I have been pegged to write a year end blog. I’m a bit more accustomed to this process after another 365 days but still a bit of a newbie to social networking and all that it entails. By next year though, myself and the museum will be up for all of these 21st century skills and we will have a new long range strategic plan to guide us along the way.

The museum went through a lot this year. We addressed our overall organizational structure, we changed our operating hours and we finished some much needed physical plant improvements. So what does all that mean? Change I suspect. Change that’s inevitable, change that’s difficult and change that’s exciting! I suppose every year runs along this same spectrum but what we also experienced this year was our 15th anniversary!

Along with a spectacular celebration on August 21st, our anniversary year signaled a time for us to tackle a new long range plan. This year we started our final fiscal year of our long range plan and with that comes to discussion of what do we do next?

One thing is for sure, in 2013 we know we will have some outstanding new faces at the planning table as well as many of our “veteran” staff who bring institutional knowledge that is indispensable. I am confident that all of us will take what we’ve learned in our first fifteen years and mold a new long range plan that will take the museum into 2013 and beyond. Our vision, mission and goals may change as we “wordmsmith” but I’m confident that we will stay focused on the horizon, the Tribal members and their living and material culture.

Happy new year and here’s to the next fifteen!

Anne McCudden


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