Archaeology Day

What skills does it take to work for the Tribal Historic Preservation Office? The Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) is a group of people (including archaeologists) that are passionate about the preservation of the Tribes rich cultural history.  Well, this we asked just that to 326 students, both Seminole and Non-Seminole. Students were asked to use skills from Science and Math to interpret Seminole culture and history.

Archaeology Day was the first of its kind program developed with activities by the professionals from THPO. Six stations with some additional substations broke down some of the major tasks THPO uses as a part of their everyday jobs. Some of the areas were:

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS) or Creating Maps
  • Architecture of Seminole Chickees
  • Compass and Orienteering
  • Surveying Site (the dig)
  • Analysis Artifacts
  • Artifact Reconstruction
  • Tribal Cultural Properties (protecting sites of cultural importance)

    Archaeology Day!


The last stop students were asked to reflect on what they learn. Students completed a workbook at each station and received a packet of supplies to do the activities. Students commented their new understanding of the science behind archaeology. We plan to do program again next year with some changes, based on the response from this year. Look for it in March 2012.


-Diana Stone


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