By Oscar Carrasquillo Rivera, Maintenance Shift Supervisor


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a real-world treasure/scavenger hunt that’s happening right now, all around you, anywhere and anytime. It’s very similar to a 160-year-old game called letterboxing; compared to that geocaching has only been active for about 15 years, and has tons of great stories and videos, especially online. There are over 2 million active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide. So of course we are planning on joining the fun. Here at Big Cypress AH-TAH-THI-KI Museum we like adventures, exploring and learning new things, whether it’s from the past, present or future. If you have never played Geocaching before, here is a new adventure that the whole family should definitely try out if you’re feeling adventurous.

Geocaching 101

There was a geocache close by before, but because of some unfortunate reasons it has been deactivated. Due to popular request the Museum is looking into activating one in the very near future for anyone to come and earn them bragging rights.

I myself have seen how competitive some of these families can get. At one time or another I used to see anywhere from 1-2 to sometimes 9-15 people exchanging stories as well as artifacts, notes with small stories, objects, figurines from as far as from the other side of the world. It’s unbelievable how creative and how small but meaningful it may be. In a way Geocaching helps different families and cultures of the world come together.

All you have to do is go to understand the rules, sign up, download the app on your smart phone and start scavenge hunting adventures with your GPS.

It could be hidden in something tiny, camouflage, or something big.


Will you find it….. come on, I’m sure you will.


Although our adventure is easier but still beautiful, here’s a link of an example(s) you may encounter on another adventure:

Epic Adventure, — Wet Surprise (GC1YV80) — Geocache of the Week Video Edition




(Posted by James Powell on behalf of Ellen Batchelor, Head of Security, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum.)

Up On The Roof

by Ellen Batchelor

No this is not the 1962 Drifter’s song!!


The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is getting a long-awaited new roof!


While watching the workers climb to the 32 feet peak, I noticed I was not the only one watching! The visitors to the museum were also watching
while the workers swung from spot to spot while perched on the side of the roof!


Can’t help thinking how these guys really “earn” their money. The temperatures are a lot more intense up there with nothing to block out the sweltering sun, not to mention the heat emanating from the metal roof.

Work on the roof is expected to last for up to 9 weeks.  But, the Museum will be open regular hours, (9:00am to 5:00pm, 7 days per week), during the entire re-roofing project.  We apologize in advance for any dust, noise, or inconvenience of any kind.

“Up on the roof … it’s peaceful as can be … “