Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum Blog



By Van Samuels, Outreach Specialist

Yes, Outreach is “growing” in more ways than one can imagine.  We’re growing in personnel, as we welcome Seminole Tribal member, Jake Osceola, to the Outreach team.  Outreach is literally growing, as well.  No, not in body mass index or age! (Although some would agree with that last sentence)  Outreach is growing a garden—a Seminole garden to be exact.


Enhancing the visitor experience has been one of the many on-going endeavors of the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum.  This continued goal is evident within the interactive areas of the museum galleries and with the exciting exhibits that are forthcoming.  The Outreach staff has also been instrumental in working towards the mission of enhancing the visitor experience with the renovation and improvements at the museum amphitheater to ultimately provide cultural, educational, and informational Storytelling/Wildlife presentations (which are already underway).

The latest of the Outreach projects is currently under construction—the establishment of a Seminole garden.  Historically speaking, gardens were an essential element to survival in the Seminole camps throughout the Everglades, providing the sustenance of life, vegetables and fruits.

The proposed location of the garden is the area next to the replica ceremonial grounds, right before you arrive at the Living Village alongside the boardwalk.  Let’s take a look……

Approaching the Living Village, visitors will see the hint of some sort of development in the brush… what could it possibly be?

The following are images of the ongoing construction currently underway

Jake and Rei discussing log placement and garden structure….


Van “appearing” to supervise..……..from a safe elevated boardwalk distance


This project is still in the developmental stages and will be completed in the near future. However, further information and images of the garden will be forthcoming as the garden begins to take shape and vegetables eventually grow, so stay tuned OR simply make plans to visit the Big Cypress Seminole reservation and the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum to behold our progress. SHONABISH!