AIAC and Museum Happenings

Hard to believe it is mid-October already. Preparation for our 14th annual American Indian Arts Celebration (AIAC) is in full swing as the first weekend in November draws near. While excitement revs up for the event, Development continues to work to bring awareness and support to the Museum and its related events. The deft art of fundraising in stressed economic times provides the perfect learning curve for our Museum as we embark on a multi-tiered approach to expanding our membership base and other opportunities for community, corporate and philanthropic investment. Essentially a newcomer to this arena, the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki is slowly albeit dedicatedly building a platform for recognition and support.

Working closely with cultural and community partners to design programs of interest at the Museum and elsewhere, including birdwalks, archaeological days, collections workshops, traditional arts demonstrations as well as exclusive store sales, we have enhanced our profile and brought more awareness to the Museum, its mission and the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

During AIAC weekend we will be hosting an early morning Birdwalk on the Boardwalk. For the price of admission to the festival, birding enthusiasts are welcomed and will gain access to the Boardwalk before the Museum officially opens at 9am. Beyond AIAC, the Museum plans to hold these early morning Birdwalks quarterly throughout the year. So in what appears to be a successful model, specific event planning can lead to overall programming thereby broadening the Museums reach, role and recognition.

Early November is sure to bring long awaited and celebrated cooler temperatures, typically the perfect backdrop for our annual fall event. Several meet-ups have been organized for birders, bikers and photographers. This year we welcome Native American performer Kevin Locke ( and a group of Native Hawaiian dancers called the Aloha Islanders ( ; as well as the usual excitement of Seminole Stomp dancing, alligator wrestling, Critter Show, sensational Seminole and other foods. GET YOUR FRY BREAD HERE!


Expect weekend-long fun for all ages with Raffles, the Children’s Craft Tent, the Archaeology Tent and the digital Scavenger Hunt. Be sure to stop by the Museum Information tent to visit with Museum staff and learn about current and planned exhibitions, programs, events and membership opportunities.

Look for more event details on the Museum website and the AIAC Facebook Page. And remember to set those clocks back on Sunday, November 6. We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing in our exciting lineup!  See you soon.

-Dorian Lange


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